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Welcome to Energy Psychology / EFT for dogs

My name is Annelie Becher, I am a certified psychologist dedicating my work to helping dogs and their people.
On this site I would like to introduce you to

Energy Psychology/EFT for dogs

and the many uses of these techniques.

Energy Psychology/EFT enables dog owners
  • to help their animal in stressful situations
  • to solve their animal's problems before they have to manifest disturbing behaviours
  • to successfully treat their dog's behavioural problems without any outside help
Energy Psychology/EFT is
  • a very loving and gentle method
  • easy to learn
  • highly efficient
  • used worldwide by professionals to help both humans and animals alike.
The benefits of treating your dog on a regular basis with EP-methods include
  • strengthening your dog's life energy
  • harmonizing his entire personality
  • freeing him from stress and anxiety
  • enhancing his learning abilities
  • deepening the love and trust between you and your dog

If you think that I could help you and your dog, or any other kind of animal, just contact me, Annelie Becher, by phone 0049 (0)2737-214419, mobile 0049 (0)171-1467298 for a free chat, or simply send me an email.

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